Huge outcry of support from the Irish public to the ground-breaking documentary ‘Ireland’s Forgotten Families’ which aired on Virgin Media Three, highlighting the plight of many of the 4000 families caring for a child with a life limiting illness    

 There was an incredible outpouring of support and solidarity nationally around the issues raised in the recently aired documentary series “Ireland’s Forgotten Families” which aired recently on Virgin Media Player.

The documentary was released against the backdrop of the relentlessly rising cost of living with many families struggling to make ends meet.

The families featured in the documentary are the ones who are already crippled financially by the non-medical costs associated with caring for a sick child. They are now once more disproportionately affected by rapidly increasing bills. Cliona’s Foundation have noticed a significant increase in the number of people applying to them for financial assistance.

The documentary is harrowing and tough to watch at times as the families lay bare their difficulties and heartbreak with many people taking to twitter to empathize and commend their bravery.

Presenter and author Meghan Scully tweeted “That was truly heartbreaking to watch but a must see for everyone”

Cllr Daniel Butler, Mayor of Limerick also tweeted “watching this, understanding from within our own family the heartache and struggle involved in supporting your sick child, you cannot but be emotional”

Speaking about the reason for making the programme, Co-Founder and voluntary CEO of Cliona’s Foundation Brendan Ring discussed the importance of bringing this issue into the national spotlight “So many of these families experienced, and continue to experience, the significant non-medical costs of caring for a child with a life-limiting condition. It has never been more urgent to work even harder to raise awareness for the forgotten families Cliona’s work with”

“The cost of living is still rising. Oil and petrol are gone through the roof. As a result, more families with seriously sick children or children with a life-limiting illness, who would likely not have needed our financial support before, are now coming to us for help. This is going on for too long. We are more determined than ever to be their voice and advocate for more support. People need to know this is happening to their neighbours down the road. These families are in a real crisis”

Cliona’s Foundation and Trilogy Media hope that this documentary will continue to raise awareness of the thousands of families who face these difficulties every day.

Although there are raw and eye opening moments in the documentary, the overriding theme throughout the programme is how we all, as families, can overcome our challenges through kindness, love, and dedication.

Padraig Beasley’s grandfather, Patsy Beasley sums up the spirit of “Ireland’s Forgotten Families” when he says, “I could not put into words how proud I am of him, but I do believe that he is teaching us a lesson aswell, in the acceptance of life, as it is, rather than we would like it to be”

Through “Ireland’s Forgotten Families” we are presented with the privilege of benefiting from an extraordinary insight into the personal journeys of some truly remarkable families living in every community in Ireland.

Cliona’s Foundation expects at least 200 families will apply for financial assistance this year and will need to raise a minimum of €500,000 to meet these applications.

You can help us help these families by making you donation here

The 1st episode of “Ireland’s Forgotten Families” can be viewed below