Our Patrons

The scope of work carried out by Cliona’s Foundation’s is one-of-a-kind. While many charities focus on children’s illnesses and their welfare, Cliona’s Foundation uniquely provides financial help with non-medical costs.

These can amount to significant sums as Brendan and Terry know very well. Over the years, as Brendan & Terry’s daughter Cliona, underwent numerous hospital treatments for her brain tumour, the couple were struck by the number of families facing enormous financial hardship. Blind-sided by all the non-medical expenses associated with a sick child, they saw at first-hand the enormous toll and additional stress it took on families, already struggling with the nightmare of having a seriously ill child. Following Cliona’s tragic death, they turned their tragedy into positive action and started fundraising to help those less fortunate families.

Cliona’s Foundation Patron

“I am genuinely touched by the work that Cliona’s Foundation undertakes and very pleased to be the charity’s first Patron. Brendan and Terry are a genuinely inspiring couple who have turned their personal tragedy into making a difference to families who have a sick child by helping to ease the financial burden, during what must be an enormously traumatic and stressful time.”

Miriam O’Callaghan, Cliona’s Foundation’ first ever patron

Our Ambassadors

Davy Russell
Davy Russell Jockey
“I am delighted to be able to promote and support the work that Cliona’s Foundation does, they are an amazing organization helping out so many families who do not have anywhere else to turn for support. “
Leanne Moore
Leanne Moore Singer, Journalist & TV Personality
“I’ve always admired Brendan and Terry Ring and was only too happy to support Cliona’s Foundation. I’ve been very lucky in life and now would like to give something back to help others. Cliona’s Foundation is a remarkable Foundation and I hope to spread the word about the difference it has made and can make to families’.
Joy Neville
Joy Neville Former Irish Rugby Captain
“Life is already difficult enough for the families of critically ill children without battling financial difficulties too. Unfortunately, many of them do. Parents who live outside Dublin and visit their sick child in a Dublin hospital can spend as much as €200 a day between travel expenses, petrol, parking and meals. That’s where Cliona’s Foundation comes in; they work to ease the burden on families who are already pushed to their limit.”
TJ Ryan
TJ Ryan Limerick Hurling
“Cliona’s Foundation started off in Limerick, but they now help families all over Ireland. They are a real success story, and I’m proud to do my part to help them.”