Apply For Support

Cliona’s Foundation assists families all over Ireland with financial aid for non medical costs associated with looking after a seriously sick child/ children.

The decision to support an application will be guided by the list of medical conditions outlined by clicking  here. 

If you would like to apply for funding from the Foundation you must fill out our formal application form which can be downloaded below and posted to our office – Unit 22 Groody Centre, Castletroy , Limerick.

The application form must be accompanied by a current letter on headed paper addressed to Cliona’s from your Specialist or Consultant AND your Medical Social Worker or Nurse Practitioner/Home Support Nurse

All elements of the form must be completed  to enable us to process 

We will then be in touch with you in due course once the application has been processed.

Please note that we support families of sick children from birth up to 16 years’

Also due to limitation of funds we can only support a family once unless there are additional children diagnosed with a serious condition

Download the application form

It was very hard to hear about our child’s incurable disease. But Cliona’s gave us faith & hope

This is a huge & valuable support for our family

We can now spend more time taking care of our baby instead of worrying about money

We will always be grateful to you