Legacy Giving

Leave a lasting legacy with a gift in your will

Cliona’s Foundation are there for families all over Ireland caring for a seriously sick child. By leaving a gift in your will you can be there for them too.

If you decide to leave a gift In your will to Cliona’s Foundation your kindness will help families at a time of great need and will never be forgotten.

  • Making a Will is one of the most important things you can do for your family – and for the causes you love, including Ireland’s seriously sick children and their families.

  • We understand that you will want to ensure you take care of your family as a priority. We understand and respect that.

  • Leaving a gift in your will is an opportunity to make a long lasting difference to Cliona’s Foundation’s Families and help continue to be a financial lifeline at a most difficult time in their lives.

  • A gift no matter how small or large can have a huge impact on the lives of the many families of children with a life limiting illness that are struggling to deal with the non-medical costs of caring for their child over a long period of time. The financial stress of caring for a sick child is one that no family should have to endure.

“The cheque we received was a godsend and came at the right time for us as we were at breaking point”

What will a gift in your will do and how we will make the very most of your generosity?

We will use your money wisely and responsibly; your gift will help provide financial grants to eligible families who are caring for a seriously sick child.

What Kind of Gifts can you leave in your Will?

There are several different types of legacies you can leave to Cliona’s Foundation .The two most common ones are;

  • Pecuniary Legacy: A legacy gift of a fixed sum of money

  • Residuary Legacy; You make provisions for your nearest and dearest first, then leave the remainder or part of the remainder of your estate as a legacy after all other bequests and debts are paid 

Legacies to charities are tax free so leaving a gift to Cliona’s Foundation can help reduce the tax payable on your estate. 

So if you are able to remember our work in your Will, you will ensure we can continue to provide support and financial assistance to some of the families of approx. 4,000 children in Ireland with a life limiting condition.

If you have already made a Will, it is easy to amend it to include a gift to Cliona’s Foundation.  Your solicitor will advise of the exact wording.

Can we help?

To ask a question or register your interest about joining our legacy community by leaving a gift in your will, please contact Charlotte on 087 3666937 or email [email protected]

Thank you for considering leaving a gift to Cliona’s Foundation.