Corporate Giving

Cliona’s Foundation works with a variety of businesses all over Ireland to increase awareness for the work that we do and to raise funds for struggling families who are in dire need.

Our Business Supporters are essential for the sustainability of our work and enables us to plan for the future. Often the applications that Cliona’s Foundation receives are of an urgent nature and need funding immediately, by having these partnerships in place we know that the funds are there when these applications come in.

Every business supporter that we have is extremely important to us and we understand that each company is different and we ensure that we work closely with them to tailor a partnership that best suits each company and its staff.

Benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Motivating staff and encouraging team building
  • Meeting Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  • Helping make a real difference to the lives of families
  • Reaching new audiences and driving sales
  • Securing positive PR
  • Enhancing reputation leading to improved customer loyalty and the opportunity to engage new customers. Many customers would rather do business with companies that are ethical and stand for something other than just profits – customers want companies that care.

Here are 6 ways you can help support families in urgent need

  1. Fund a Family

    We can spread your donations over 12 months 


  2. Share Your Skill Set

    Considering donating a service that will benefit us. Here are some Companies that are currently providing us with  a much needed  service


  3. Become a Charity Partner

    When you become a partner with us you can ;

    • include our logo on your website
    • include your logo on your email signature
    • host fundraising events
  4. Employee Fundraising

    Engage your fellow employees by organising a fundraising event that will improve workplace morale and strengthen relationships

    Employee fundraising ideas can be diverse and can include anything from fun runs, coffee mornings to great office bake offs.

  5. Corporate Volunteering

    Your employees time is a precious resource to give

    For organisations looking to make real social impact on a national scale, we ask you to allocate a set amount of hours that your employees can use to help     support families across Ireland. Employee Volunteering is proven way to improve employee well being and develop leadership skills

  6. Social Volunteering

    We are always in need of an extra helping hand on more bodies on the ground

    We organise a diverse set of volunteering events for anyone willing and able to get involved e.g. our national bag packing day.

    We will provide  you with an   opportunity to make a real hands on difference to families in need. All you need to do is reach out and sign up

If your company would like to become a supporter or get involved in other ways with Cliona’s please email i[email protected]  

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