Our last cheque posting of the year and one which we hope will give the same lift to those receiving as it does to the team in Cliona’s

18 families with a seriously sick child receiving a cheque to help with the non medical costs of caring for their child.

This brings to 110 the number of families supported this year and our largest single posting since we were founded

Back in March as we entered lockdown and event after event was cancelled, we wondered how we would manage to support families during the year. Families that needed our support even more as many parents were now out of work but yet they needed to take extra precautions to care for their child. Precautions that required additional spend from an already stretched budget.

But yes we did manage, but only with the amazing support, generousity, efforts and sacrifices of so many people of all ages across all sectors of the community . From kids selling face masks, to people jumping from planes, webinars to writing books, people walking, and running, golfers and musicians, birthday fundraisers, individual & corporate donations.

We have been carried through the year by all of these. Every time we were challenged (and there were many times) some one or some company stepped up to our side, A donation, an idea an event, some advice or the donation of services. Making it all happen

Thank you to everyone who carried and energised us. Your support has been as valuable as the funds raised.

However it is the families that have shared their struggles with us, that have acknowledged how critical the support they receive is that are our inspiration and focus. On the toughest journey ever but doing it with love and compassion. They should not have to struggle financially as well.

What we have all done together is all for them

Have a Wonderful Happy, Healthy & Restful Christmas knowing that you have made a difference