4-time All-Ireland All Star winner Seán Finn, visited the Mullins family in Limerick  just before Christmas, representing a partnership between the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) and Cliona’s Foundation.

The 4-time PwC All-Star champion set aside time in his busy schedule to meet Louis Mullins aged 14 (safely distanced) to bring some festive cheer to Louis and his family. It’s been a particularly tough year for Louis from Boher, Limerick who has been battling a rare disease affecting between 4-9 people in a million.

The Gaelic Players Association (GPA) and Cliona’s Foundation recently announced an official charity partnership to raise vital funds to make a difference to the lives of families across Ireland caring for a seriously sick child.

This partnership will see inter-county players across the thirty-two counties support Cliona’s Foundation’s life-changing work and contribute to the fundraising efforts of the charity for the next twelve-month period.

Speaking about his visit Seán Finn said: “Louis is a remarkable young lad who is incredibly inspiring – it was truly an honour to meet him and his fantastic family. I am delighted to support the work of Cliona’s Foundation – every day of the year they make a positive difference to lives of families and children going through very challenging times.”