A safe garden for our children to play is something many of us are lucky enough to take for granted. This is not the case for one family in Mallow, Co. Cork, whose lives face tough daily challenges as a result of their daughter Faith’s, life limiting condition. Faith Browne aged 9 was born with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and hearing loss. She had a cochlear implant in 2015 and travelled to the USA in 2017 for neurological surgery. In January 2022, she had major reconstructive surgery for hip and foot socket problems.

Faith is immobile, requires regular physiotherapy and relies on her brightly decorated wheelchair with its butterfly adorned wheels to get around. Cliona’s Foundation developed a special relationship with the Browne family, having previously supported them with their many non-medical expenses. Cliona’s also arranged for some members of the Cork Senior Women’s Football team to visit Faith in 2021 as part of the Cliona’s/GPA partnership.

In early 2022, Faith fell on the concrete ground in their large back yard. This incident and the fact that Faith will always have on-going health challenges prompted her mother Lisa and father Dave to investigate closing off a small area at the back of their house for Faith to enjoy outdoor space without the worry of getting injured. Lisa contacted Cliona’s Foundation for advice on how they could make this happen. They were so determined to provide this safe garden; they were preparing to sell their family car to cover the costs.

Cliona’s reached out to Conack Construction, who had previously expressed their interest in supporting Cliona’s to ask for their support and were thrilled when managing directors Tom O’Connor and Kieran Cusack immediately came to the rescue.Conack very generously agreed to donate their resources to build a beautiful, safe garden area for Faith. An emotional visit between Spider-man, Conack’s project team, Cliona’s and Faith’s family last week unveiled the labour of love which has truly changed their quality of life.

Speaking from Faith’s house in Mallow Co Cork, Tom Conack said “We at Conack are over the moon to have been in the position to utilise our experience and contacts for such a worthwhile cause. Having spent time with Faith, her mam Lisa, dad Dave, and her sister Lydia I am humbled by their strength and resilience. From myself, Kieran and the entire team at Conack I would like to thank Cliona’s for bringing us into the fold on this magical project for Faith”

Despite her limitations, challenges and regular medical appointments Faith is a bright and bubbly young girl, who meets everyone with a smile and have fun at every opportunity. She lights up every gathering she attends especially the ones where her favourite character Spider-man is in attendance.

Co-Founder of Cliona’s Foundation Terry Ring was delighted to be at Faith’s family home for the unveiling with the Conack team and said “I am absolutely thrilled to have been a part of this wonderful and exciting project for such a deserved little girl, I commend the team at Conack for their extraordinary generosity and it is incredible to see the finished garden. It is even more spectacular that I imagined. This is something very special”

The team at Conack also expressed their gratitude to the many contractors  and providers who answered their call to get involved on different aspects of the project,  making staff & equipment available along with providing materials. “ The project could not have happened without their support” said Tom O Connor“ Some of them were in attendance at the unveiling and all of them have been touched by Faith and her family”

Faith’s mother Lisa says that they will never forget the kindness that has been shown to them “Faith has the biggest smile when she goes into garden now because she knows now that she is safe, she can’t get hurt, which is a huge weight off our shoulders.  The biggest thing is that we can celebrate occasions with family and friends, her communion is next year  and we are looking forward to it. Dave and I will never be able to thank everyone enough because they gave us something special,  we would not have been able to achieve it without their help”