We would really like to thank all of the families who shared their children’s stories with us over the last week. It has been a great honor and a joy for us to get to know your children. Even though Universal Children’s Day is over we would love it if you could still share your stories with us.

Here is a story about a beautiful little boy Shane who sadly is no longer with us.
This is our beautiful little boy, Shane. Shane was a handsome little boy that was full of fun. His bright blue eyes sparkled with mischief. He was always on the go even when he was getting chemo he would be running up and down the corriders of st johns ward with me and his dad running behind him. When shane was diagnosed ,at fifteen months, he started watching Mickey Mouse and from that day on he would watch mickey mouse all day and when he was really sick it would sometimes be all night. We watched it on loop and we knew every episode. Mickey Mouse still brings us lovely memories such as Shanes favouite song; “Clap clap finger snap its time to check the mouska map” He loved his sister so much and loved just messing around with her.He was a loving little boy who was known for his kisses and snuggles.He was a real litte chap who loved being outside either playing football or on the swings with his sister.We miss Shane beyond measure, more than we can ever put into words. We love him to the moon and back, forever and always.xx