Seb Seb2 Seb3

Sebastian is a little “cheeky monkey” of the family!!! Despite having 2 sisters he is a definite leader in making funny faces He has such a funny and adorable personality that you just can’t help and smile looking at him.This boy is very active, loves being outside, running around with his sisters. So, our house really suffers when it’s raining outside, especially beds from all the jumping on it!!! Everything this boy does he takes it to extreme… and I mean if he washes his hands he washes a sink and a bathroom floor as well!!!And then he loves to help mummy to clean it.
He does love to get all the attention and is a bit spoiled, which is understandable after everything he has been through but he is very kind boy at the same time.He gives the best hugs and kisses to “make it all better ” as he explains. He can’t stand when someone is crying and runs to give a hug and a kiss!!!Even our dog Ajax can’t escape those hugs.
Sebastian is a big inspiration for us all, such a strong boy. He just keeps going and not stopping despite anything and makes us stronger and happier every day xx