Mary, John, Damien, Declan and Eoin Cronin sent us in the following piece about their beloved Rachel. We would like to thank them sincerely for allowing us to share this with you.

Rachel was a really happy young girl, her positivity shone through no matter what the situation. She had many friends but her best friend was her dog Belle who she loved. She bred and sold Labrador puppies in order to fund her hair and makeup products. Her wardrobe and makeup collection were something to be jealous of.She was a real girly girl and loved her clothes and getting her hair and make up done. She was really out going and loved sleepovers and going out with her friends. The thing she really missed was going to school to see everyone.

She had three older brothers and quickly learned to wrap them around her little finger. She was well able to hold her own and was a real prankster. She had a real love for life and just wanted to be normal and have fun. This was particularly evident from the notes which she left behind. She truly was an inspiration to all her family and friends, who miss her dearly.