Leanne Moore with Students from Our Lady’s Queen of Peace Primary School in Janesboro, Limerick

Cliona’s Foundation ambassador Leanne Moore went back to school to try to raise funds for Cliona’s Foundation. This lent Cliona’s Foundation are asking schools in Limerick to raise €200 to support some struggling families with the non-medical costs associated with looking after a critically or terminally ill child.

Funding provided to families for “hidden” costs, including accommodation, food, petrol and other miscellaneous expenses incurred by families who must take sick children to hospitals or other medical facilities for frequent treatments.


Leanne Moore is pictured with students from Our Lady’s Queen of Peace Primary School, Janesboro, Limerick

These costs can quick mount for families with it costing up to €200 a day to bring a sick child for treatment in Dublin. Often families have to take their children to hospital on a regular basis and these costs quickly rise.

“I’ve always admired Brendan and Terry Ring and was only too happy to support Cliona’s Foundation. I’ve been very lucky in life and now would like to give something back to help others. Cliona’s Foundation is a remarkable Foundation and I hope to spread the word about the difference it has made and can make to families. I really hope that the schools will come together to help, €200 a day quickly adds up and can be crippling to f amilies” – Leanne Moore

Thank you so much to the students and staff of Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary school in Janesboro, Limerick for allowing us to come and visit them.

If your school would like to raise funds for Cliona’s Foundation this Lent please contact Allison by emailing [email protected] or calling 061-400640