Waiting is such a difficult part of having a child with a life-limiting condition; waiting for a hospital bed, waiting for test results, waiting for what could be good or bad news, waiting for treatment. Right now, we have 27 families that urgently need our help, but there is nothing we can do for them except put them on our waiting list

Two of these families have shared their stories, hoping to shed light on how desperately these funds are needed (names have been changed to respect their privacy)

The O’Brien Family.

Sam O’Brien, a seven month old little boy from Limerick, is currently undergoing numerous medical tests at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin in Crumlin for a multitiude of medical problems. Sam has spent his entire life in hospital, having been diagnosed with a hole in his heart, sleep apnoeia, a severe chromosomal disorder, a dysfunctional voicebox, as well as suspected respiratory difficulties. Two months ago little Sam underwent open heart surgery.

  • Jackie, Sam’s mother, has had her state maternity benefit cease month’s ago, and has received no state benefit since May, when Sam was just 4 months old.
  • Jackie cares for Sam full time and so cannot work.
  • Sam’s father works full time. He earns a modest income, which unfortunately does not meet the financial demands of Sam’s condition.
  • The family are really struggling to meet the cost of daily living.
  • Due to a lack of finances, Jackie has no choice but to keep their other child, a 4 year old little girl, with her in Crumlin hospital full time, as they cannot afford to pay for childcare without any financial aid.

 The O’Leary Family.

Four month old Joey O’Leary has spent the entirety of his short life in hospital. Joey is critically ill. Though there is no confirmed diagnosis for him, doctors suspect he has a very complex, life-threatening condition called Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis, which can result in heart conditions, various forms of cancer and kidney abnormalities.

  • The condition is so rare that Joey will have to be transferred to the Great North Children’s Hospital, Newcastle in England for treatment, where he will most likely have to remain for the foreseeable future.
  • Joey’s father intends to travel with him to Newcastle for the first few weeks, but will have to return to Ireland for work. He will travel to Newcastle as often as time and finances allow.
  • Joey’s mother and father also have two other young children to take care of.
  • The medical bills, travel expenses, hospital accommodation, and usual bills at home are placing a strain on the family budget, and these expenses are only going to increase once they leave for Newcastle.

Can you help us help these and our other families by making a donation or doing a fundraiser for us.?

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