Hot off the press and now available in Dunnes Stores nationwide and on their online store  is “The Dolls Complaints” a fantastic book written by the very talented 11 year old Keeva Delaney from Co. Carlow

What is extra special about the book is that all proceeds from the sale of the book which is priced at a very reasonable €8 will go directly to  Cliona’s Foundation and enable us to provide  financial support to  to the increasing number of families seeking our support

It has been a very special journey for all of the team at Cliona’s Foundation and book sponsor Cube over the past 5 months which started off with a phone call from Keeva’s mum about a school jumble sale donation to Cliona’s Foundation and a discussion about possibilities of her daughter completing a book for Cliona’s Foundation

Keeva came up with the idea of the book nearly 2 years ago while on family holiday and in the space of an afternoon had the title and contents nearly completed.

“I wanted to bring toys to life “said Keeva “and thought that dolls could have some very funny stories to tell to tell about how the feel and how they are treated”


The book centres on an 8 year old girl who finds herself in hospital and her sister brings her in letters of complaint from her dolls at home, who miss her terribly.

“When we read the stories we thought they were hilarious” said Keeva’s mum Maurita  and all of the family, dad  Eric and sisters Jane and Sarah helped Keeva fine tune it and helped with the illustrations.  Even our dog Reilly gets to feature”

But bringing it the step further and putting it to good use was the next challenge and that’s where Cliona’s Foundation came on board.

Keeva’s mum  had picked up one of our information leaflets 2 years ago while visiting Kilkenny Hospital . She was very struck by the real practical support we provide to families nationwide and said at the time she would love to do something for us . Cliona’s Foundation she felt was the obvious choice  when looking at options for a charity to benefit from Keeva’s work .

Coincidentally co-founder and dad of Cliona Brendan Ring runs a printing Company called Cube and Brendan and his team at Cube have made what was a dream a reality.

“We are privileged that Keeva and her family chose Cliona’s Foundation and we have developed a wonderful relationship with them in bringing this beautiful book out.

Keeva is an amazing girl and it is so special for us to be part of the publication and also the beneficiary of the proceeds” said Brendan  “We will be getting 100%  of the proceeds of this book which will be a massive help to us as we try to support families all over the country  who have a seriously sick child.

Our family travelled that journey with our daughter Cliona for 8 years while she was very sick with an inoperable brain tumour. We met many parents who were struggling with the travel, accommodation and daily food costs. In addition they are dealing with all the mounting bills at home on a reduced income as in nearly all these cases one of the parents gives up work to be with their sick child. When Cliona passed we wanted to do something to help these families. 11 years later we have supported over 500 families across 29 counties.”

But this would not have happened without the publics generosity as we receive no state funding and it is a struggle to generate enough funds to meet the demand” Brendan Ring said.   “We currently have 34 families on our waiting list ”

Patron of Cliona’s Foundation Miriam O Callaghan was blown away by the book when she met the Delaney family last week and tweeted” Just had the joy of meeting the uber talented writer 11 yr. old Keeva Delaney who has just written her first children’s book”

The book “The Dolls Complaints” is now on sale in Dunnes Stores “nationwide and also on their online store here 

“We really are hoping the book will be an amazing success for Cliona’s Foundation” said Maurita Delaney “and we are so thankful to Dunnes Stores who have agreed to stock the book exclusively in all their stores nationwide and on their online store. . This is just amazing and every cent of the €8 paid for the book will be going directly to Cliona’s Foundation. A very special gesture by Dunnes Stores.”