The applications we receive from families all contain details of the struggles and crisis they are going through while caring for their sick child.

All of these really have an emotional impact on us as they clearly highlight the increasing need for the assistance we provide and how much we rely on the support of the public to do so.

We currently have 18 families on our waiting list.  Each one of them is eligible and worthy of receiving support from Cliona’s Foundation but we simply do not have enough funds to help them all right now.

There are many details that we could share with you but thought this exact, honest and heartbreaking extract from an application sent in from a  family who is currently awaiting assistance truly says it all.

“The financial impact over the last 2 ½ years of the numerous and lengthy stays we have had in London along with the many many stays he has had in Crumlin as an inpatient plus all the outpatient visits has finally caught up with us and to be honest, I am so frightened as to where we are at now. The stress on myself and my husband is overwhelming at times. It seems that there is no end to bills and so little that is coming in to offset them.

We would be so grateful if you could consider our circumstances in order for funds to be granted. This has been very hard for me to do as we are quite proud people and have tried to do this on our own, but we are really struggling now to make ends meet.”

If you can help us help this family and the 17 others who are anxiously waiting for assistance in any manner, maybe by organising a fundraiser in your local community or workplace or making a donation please contact us on  061 – 331333 or email [email protected].

You can also easily donate online  here .

Thank you.