TY This morning Cliona’s Foundation received the following email from a family that we supported last week. We think that this email just shows how much it means to the families we support and the difference it can make ….

“I received a cheque in the post today. I am overwhelmed. I cannot thank you enough. Our lives have been just turned upside down since we found out that our son has infantile spasms. Every penny we had is gone taking him up and down to Cork and trying to get therapies and special equipment. I have no tax on my car and owe a fortune for central heating oil, and our mortgage is huge. I can’t return to work and my husband wage is small . Now I can pay some money off these bills. I really cannot thank you enough. I have been awake at night worrying about the next call from oil company and how would I put them off. Our son has other problems than the spasms, we still are not to the bottom of it and we think there is a possibility we may have to travel further than Cork to get answers. Xx”