The beautiful Alex Hunter will turn 3 next month and has spent most of his life in hospital. In a very honest and emotional article his mum Adele shares what they have gone through so far and how the support from Cliona’s Foundation made such a difference to them

“Cliona’s Foundation are fantastic, my goodness, we went to our social worker with our worries and our concerns and she put us in touch with them.Because I’d been let down so much I thought I’d be let down by them but I got home one Friday to see my girls and I came home to the cheque of €1,500 from Cliona’s Foundation.

Myself and Alex’s dad cried but this time it was happy tears.

It was the only support and relief we found, without them we probably would have lost our home, my kids would probably be in care and the whole family would have broken, then and there.

With the help they’ve given us we’ve gotten this far.

The Cliona Foundation kept a roof over our heads, our girls were able to stay in school and have that routine.”

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