We were privileged to have been able to help the parents of little Fionn Barry . Fionn is 2 1/2 years old but has spent most of his short life in hospital, He was diagnosed with infantile spasms when he was 6 months old which has developed in to a seriously debilitating and life limiting illness which requires 24hr care.

Fionn is unable to walk, stand or even sit unaided, he cannot talk and he is visually impaired.

Recently in  a very honest and emotional interview his mum Brenda spoke about Fionn, his condition, his on going care needs, their struggle emotionally and financially and  the impact of the assistance from Cliona’s Foundation.

There are many more families like Fionn’s for whom the non medical costs of caring for their child places them under a strain that they should not have to endure. With your support we can continue to help these families.