Those of you who are regular visitors to our website/social media will know that Martin Hennessy has undertaken a massive challenge to raise funds for Cliona’s Foundation. In the last few weeks, he left Ireland and is cycling 57ookm to Tbilisi, Georgia. From there, he will catch a flight to China to take part in the Gobi Desert Challenge. Martin has self-funded the entire trip and all proceeds will go to Cliona’s Foundation.

Last night we received an e-mail from Martin who is now in Turkey.

“Alright lads made it to Istanbul, looks to be an amazing city. I’ve put in for a days holidays tomorrow and got it so will give a look at the sights. Turkey has been top class so far people are very friendly. I have just over 3,800kms done so about 1,600 to go. Hopefully 14 days will cover it, flight is booked for 26th from Tbilisi so either way will have to make that. It was about 30 degrees today, during dinner thunder storm started.”

You can support Martin through his My Charity page