Did you ever

  • Scribble random notes on paper and forgot where you left them?
  • Have notepads and paper scattered all over your desk and wish there was a better way to organise ?
  • Write down a lot to “TO DO’s” but know that they are not linked to a vision or a plan of any sort.
  • Complete lots of daily tasks but sometimes think, maybe I should be prioritising in order to get better results?
  • Get a new Diary but have to scribble out the dates at the top to use it as you started it in June !
  • Have big goals starting out in January for the year, but struggle to make the plan and stick to it as it becomes overwhelming very fast.
  • Did you ever participate in a Strategy / Team event and leave full of momentum, excited for the year ahead, but then for some reason, started to loose momentum as the year went on ?

If you have answered yes to any of those questions, this is designed just for you !

Designed by Jennifer Kelly of www.strategybox.ie the “Game Planner” system will help you to eliminate procrastination and help you to avoid overwhelm by removing the complexity out of your goals and aiding you to map them out and break them down into more manageable tasks so you can focus on them one day at a time.

Further details on this planner can be found here