We all know what it means to receive a cheque in the post, regardless of the amount  but when you are struggling emotionally and financially while caring for a sick child the impact can be significant .

We never take for granted what it means to the families we support but when we receive feedback from them it is  both humbling and uplifting.

Two weeks ago we were able to send cheques out to 15 families across 11 Counties and have received some fantastic messages  of thanks.

We want to share  two of these with you so that you fully understand how your donations are making a difference


“Just to say a huge thank you from my heart this morning as we received what I can only describe as a miracle in the post. I’ve been out doing car boot sales the past month on a Sunday to try get money together for our next trip to London in July and this has taken all that pressure and upset and worry off us. I truly can’t thank u enough. Will send receipt back tomorrow also xx Thank u so so much on behalf of me and the family ♥️