Cliona’s Foundation are  always delighted to hear back from families we have supported on the importance of our assistance to them but also to understand  what they are going through and how their child is progressing.

We think it is very important for us, when we can and with their permission, to share their story with you to give an insight into their struggle and how your monies are helping them in a very significant way.In November we received a very special letter from the family of Baby Shannon which touched us greatly


Baby Shannon was born in June 2016 and immediately transferred to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin where she was diagnosed with a rare and complex heart condition that will require ongoing monitoring, treatment and major surgery. She remains an inpatient in the hospital and will do so for several months to come.  Shannon’s mother stayed with her throughout her admission paying for parents accommodation for that period.  Shannon’s Dad stayed in Dublin for the first few weeks of her life but has since returned home. He had to return to Crumlin to stay when Shannon has deteriorated on several occasions. Her dad is self -employed so obviously when he is up in Dublin there is no income for the family.  Where possible he works during the week while looking after Shannon’s 2 older siblings with the assistance of extended family.   Given these circumstances the family have been under huge financial pressure with the costs of travel, accommodation, expenses and the usual household bills mounting.

Important to remember this family have no choice. OLCHC is the National children’s Cardiology Specialist Centre and given Shannon’s age her parents need to remain with her as much as possible

Shannon mother in her hand written letter to us opened up  as follows;

 “I am writing to thank you so much for your cheque. Since our beautiful baby girl was born things have been extremely difficult emotionally, physically & financially. Shannon has been in Crumlin since she was born and in the New Year when she’s as big/strong as possible will be undergoing life threatening and life changing surgery.  Shannon’s heart condition is extremely rare and complex. We nearly lost her on numerous times and during those times bills were the last things on our minds.  Things started to get on top of us as bills kept piling in.

I can’t even put in to words how much you have helped us. What you do is incredibly selfless and inspirational. With 2 other young kids and Christmas just around the corner, things aren’t as bleak anymore.  I will spread the word about how you have helped us enormously during this hard time. It’s helped us more than you could know.”

We are very grateful to Baby Shannon Family for allowing us to share their story . We wish them the very best on their journey and will be following her progress over the next few months